The TERA Tube is one of TERA’s proprietary products working in synergy with our TERA Bio Station’s

What is a TERA Tube?

The TeraTube is an individual and disposable breath testing tube integrated with a unique membrane that captures breath aerosols. The bio-chemical material transmitted with exhaled breath is captured through the personal and disposable TeraTube.

TERA Tubes are already in mass production and shipped to TERA.Bio’s clients worldwide. They are provided by TERA.Bio in individually sealed packs (blisters-like) which can be stored away before being used. They have a unique QR Code to meet privacy regulations.

TERA Tubes are:




Easy to use


Preventing Cross Contamination

Unlike some of the other breathalyzer products on the market, TeraTubes can be separated from the TeraBioStation, enabling a safer testing process:

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