Terahertz Spectroscopy Product

The TeraSystem© is a Time Domain CW Homodyne Rotational Spectroscopy Device.

TeraSystem operates as a “biological nose” and “brain.” The hardware functions as a nose, detecting organic compounds with a low limit of detection (LOD) in a high throughput manner at concentrations ranging from parts per billion (ppb) to ppq, while our advanced AI/ML algorithms serve as the brain, effectively identifying and discerning the unique organic compounds of the desired commercial class of interest.

TeraSystem’s high-resolution capabilities, allows for real-time analysis and precise identification. Unlike other solutions that demand higher concentrations, our advantage lies in the minimal material required for detection and sensing. This unique feature enables us to achieve high throughput without compromising efficiency or accuracy. 

Such advancements position our solution as a pioneering method in organic material analysis, opening a wide spectrum of potential applications to address unmet needs across various industries, include but are not limited to, food and agriculture, manufacturing, medical diagnostics.

By making slight modifications to the same TeraSystem, we can achieve success in tailoring our spectroscopy technology to meet specific industry requirements, aligning it with real-time high throughput screening needs, all within a significantly shorter timeframe.

What Makes TeraSystem Stand Out

Human-Safe, Non-Ionizing Waves (Unlike UV / X-RAY)

Extreme Signal Resolution

Ability to detect compounds at concentrations of ppt and ppq

Special Interactions with Water (H2O) Molecules & Hydrogen Bonds

Unique Detection of BioChemical Compounds

Penetrates Differently Than Radio (RF) & Infra-Red (IR)

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