TERA Water is the process of comprising various water types that control the wetting attributes of biological substances, TeraWater acts as a delivery mechanism for pharma and life sciences processes.

Wherever water is used in an industry, TERA Water may be considered for enhancement or improvement of a given process or product.

TERA Water is a lab production of “reshaped” surface-water molecules, with different adjustable properties such as pH, spatial structure, wetting etc. These water formulations can be used to improve drug delivery and bio availability, creation of unique anti-aging products, and pharma solutions.

Unique Attributes of TERA Water:

Human-Safe (non-ionizing, unlike X-Ray or UV)

Special interactions with water & gas (H2O molecular coupling)

TERA Water mimics the attributes of intercellular water (as in nature)

Offers information unavailable (with conventional methods)

Ultra-high-speed capabilities (1/1012 i.e., pico-second)

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