TeraWater is made of standard water, which undergoes a unique process of illumination by THz and other EM wavelengths. After undergoing TERA’s manufacturing process through the TeraWaterSystem, the standard water structure morphs into H3O2, which resembles the characteristics of intercellular water found in our bodies with different adjustable properties such as pH, spatial structure, wetting, etc.

From enhanced food products and renewable energy to drug delivery applications, TERA has a strong pipeline of tailor-made TeraWater for specific use-cases, developed together with our strategic, industrial partners. These water formulations can be used to improve bioavailability, create unique anti-aging products, and manufacture pharma solutions. TERA’s goal is to use TeraWater to address the current technological challenges found in many industries, while reducing costs and creating high value to our strategic, industrial partners. 

Unique Attributes of TERA Water:

Human-Safe (Non-Ionizing, Unlike X-Ray or UV)

Special Interactions with Water & Gas (H2O Molecular Coupling)

Mimics the Attributes of Intercellular Water (As In Nature)

Offers Information Unavailable (with Conventional Methods)

Ultra-High-Speed Capabilities (1/1012 i.e., pico-second)

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