Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, TERA Ltd formed its TERABio Ltd. fully owned subsidiary.

The TERA Bio Test is a non-invasive breath screening device (TERA Bio Station) to rapidly test individuals for COVID-19.

The TERA Bio Station is designed for the mass screening and clearance of COVID-19 individuals, so that daily routines can resume.

The TERA Bio Station can be used in a large array of settings such as Airports, Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, Events, Sports, Cruises, Travel, Airlines, Offices and much more.

The TERA Bio Station gives personal test result (Clear or Not Clear) notifications within 1-4 minutes.

The TERA Bio Station uses its existing Terahertz (300-3,000GHz) spectroscopy scanner (TeraSystem). The technology is based on (i) TERA Bio Station – Using THz bio-spectral analysis of exhaled aerosol particles, including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound); and (ii) TeraTubes – personal (and disposable) breath testing tubes that capture the bio-chemical material transmitted airborne with every exhaled breath.

The TERA Bio Test is not invasive. The individual only needs to blow 3 times into a disposable TeraTube which is then sealed, sterilized, and placed inside the TERA Bio Station.

TERABio Ltd. offers two types of configurations for its TERA Bio Stations: (i) T101 and (ii) T202. They are both portable and require internet connectivity (WIFI/LAN) to operate. TERA Bio Station T101, is a portable desktop sized device, in which TeraTubes are manually loaded. TERA Bio Station T202, contains a revolving cartridge feeder upon which the disposable TeraTubes are loaded automatically. This model will go into production during Q2 2021 and will be open for orders. It will allow for the loading of up to 15 TeraTubes per batch.

The TERA Bio Station is made up of an internal TeraSystem and scanner that analyzes breath aerosols. TERA Bio Station T202 also has a Biowaste container to collect used TeraTubes.

Both TERA Bio Stations (T101 & T202) operate at normal environment levels (20°C-25°C, with A/C and up to 60% humidity). They can be used indoors only, though they do not require any special rooms.

Supervised validation studies have been completed in several locations in Asia, Israel, LATAM and in the USA. All pilots were conducted by TERA.Bio with local partners/universities/medical institutions, under local IRB approvals and Helsinki Committees.

The tested individual does not have COVID-19 and needs no further testing.

Once a tested individual tested receives a Not-Clear result, they will be required to perform a secondary medical test with PCR/Saliva/blood, to confirm the results, based on local regulation and policy.

Tested individuals are notified of their result directly on the TERA Bio Station’s display, printed and/or on their smartphone, subject to their consent thereof. Other custom-made solutions can be provided to our clients (for example opening a door/gate if the tested individual result is Clear of COVID-19) upon request. 

No, any individual can be trained, and no laboratory experience is required.

TeraTubes can be separated from the TERA Bio Station, enabling a safer test process, unlike some of the other breathalyser products in the market. The tested individual exhales into the TeraTube and closes its lid to seal it, the sample is then wiped clean by the tested individual or the TERA Bio Station operator, before being placed into the TERA Bio Station. Post scanning, the cartridges are then thrown into the Biowaste container inside each TERA Bio Station and disposed according to standard biowaste disposal regulations.

No. Instead, TERABio Ltd offers its COVID-19 test solution via a Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) program, under which a client/user leases the TERA Bio Stations via a unified payment per test at a base price to facilitate mass testing. This unique economic model does not require up front purchase of TERA Bio Stations, and instead uses a Pay-per-Test Model with a minimum order.

We offer rapid screening tests at $US4.44

A minimum of 82,000 needs to be purchased. Additional test packages can be purchased (for each TERA Bio Station) at 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 and so on, for the same price per test.

Yes, as a result, using collective spectral data and Machine Learning, we can potentially offer new diagnostic capabilities of SARS-CoV-2 (and its various mutations).

TERA.Bio takes the necessary measures to protect the data of our TERA Bio Stations from unauthorized access and breaches. In each of our TERA Bio Stations, we install robust encrypted cybersecurity software, which enables us to protect critical and sensitive data. The TERA Bio Station test results are uploaded only to the client’s cloud storage, while the metadata is transferred to TERABio Ltd to study and analyse the test scans.

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