Best in Class Terahertz Detection

Compared to other electromagnetic waves technologies, the Terahertz spectrum enables us to uncover elusive information on various materials and substances in a non-invasive and human-safe way.

TERA’s flagship product is the TeraSystem, capable of detecting biological fingerprints and chemical signatures of substances by illuminating THz waves in a proprietary process. Then, we use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to analyze the results. This process includes fine-tuning THz wavelength frequencies that match the desired use-case including the power and resolution of the THz source, resulting in a crisp and stable analysis of whichever substance is being illuminated by the TeraSystem.

TERA’s technology can detect organic and inorganic material in liquid and gaseous phases, providing information unobtained until today in the scientific community and commercial space. Together with our industrial, strategic partners, TERA offers unique competitive advantages and cost-savings by enhancing the existing products and introducing new ones. For example, TERA’s technology can be used to detect the gender of eggs (male/female/infertile).

What Makes TERA’s Detection Stand Out

Human-Safe (Non-Ionizing)

Special Interactions with Water (H2O) Molecules

Unique Detection of BioChemical Compounds, Viruses, Bacteria & Gases

Penetrates Differently Than Radio (RF) & Infra-Red (IR)

Molecular Radar Capabilities

Extreme Signal Accuracy & Resolution

Improve Bioavailability in Food & Pharma 

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