Revolutionizing Private and Public Screening

Terahertz waves offer unmatched opportunities with their abilities to scan and identify chemical and biological biomarkers in breath including proteins associated with infectious viruses.

Breath collection can easily and ethically be administered to large numbers of people in high traffic areas and populated places.

Studies have identified over 3,000 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can be found in breath alongside respiratory aerosols. VOCs, often referred to as biomarkers, provide a rich source of information on the overall health of an individual tested and serve as indicators of diseases and/or viruses’ onset, variants, and their progression.

Efficient breath screening for viruses has not been available until today, due to several technological challenges, such as the ability to reach a sufficient sensitivity level.

Unique Advantages of Breath testing using our Terahertz Technology

Fast, cheap and most effective testing solution for mass screening

Non-invasive, comfortable testing experience with smartphone connectivity and On-site testing & results

Exhaled breath is more than just air, it contains over 3,000 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as well as microscopic aerosol particles.

Monitoring the spread and prevalence of diseases and protecting larger communities during surges.

Protecting vulnerable populations, and performing routine screening in public settings

How our breath screening test works?

Unmatched Testing Convenience and Speed for COVID-19 Rapid Breath Test.

The need to rapid test populations for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases at a large capacity is essential to keep our societies safe and protected as traditional testing show insufficient clinical performance among the asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic general populations.

Breath diagnostics can help develop a Bio-Library of viruses enabling us to alert societies, governments and multinational organizations of possible global pandemics and infectious diseases approaching.

TERA is now turning its attention to the next and up and coming challenges – the bio-analysis of other pathogens that can be detectable with its existing breath tests and our THz platform technology, while continuing the current testing for COVID-19, variants, and mutations necessary for the general population.

Biological Information in Breath

Terahertz waves offer unmatched opportunities with their abilities to detect a diverse range of biomarkers and chemical materials, including proteins associated with infectious viruses such as COVID 19.

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