TERA Water Products – In development

TERA is developing TeraWater applications based on molecular resonance at various electromagnetic frequencies. We are launching multiple TeraWater products and solutions to the market with global, industrial, and strategic partners.

TeraWater© – TeraWater can be sold as a stand-alone product, with properties (or features) adjusted to various water-based formulations required. The US FDA has approved the active DMF #034817, received in 2007 (and re-filed in 2020), as a product in which the technology is applied and is produced under cGMP. We are currently supplying TeraWater samples to our strategic, industrial partners.

TeraWater, based on our Terahertz (THz) technology, is the only industrial manufactured component, that can be integrated into an existing product and have a significant impact on the joint product.

Being a technological platform, TeraWater is not just one product, but rather an array of products tailored for various applications in different industries for different strategic partners. TeraWater may be utilized as a reagent, solvent, biocatalyst, growth enhancer, surfactant, or buffer, delivering significant performance improvement in applications and products such as drug formulations, drug delivery systems, proteins prolonged stability and activity, clean energy source, food preservation, and many others.

In fact, wherever water is used in an industry, TERA Water may be considered for enhancement or improvement of a given process or product.


TERA’s R&D team has examined and recognized different wavelength frequencies that efficiently and effectively interact with Hydrogen bonds properties in all water-based materials (H2O).

Our TeraWaterSystem (which incorporates our proprietary TeraSystem module within) opens new water domains by producing large volume of surface H2O water (i.e., “TeraWater”), defined as the top layer of water that is in contact with the air. The TeraWaterSystem is currently in development, producing different types of TeraWater in a lab setting, used for various water-based formulations.

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