TERA WATER Formulation

TeraWater© represents a groundbraking advancement in water technology. FDA-approved for human safety (DMF File 34817 4/20/2020) and considered a safe excipient (as an inactive ingredient) under the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) category,  TeraWater is a novel type of water consisting primarily of standard water molecules with added dopants that’s produced through a trade secret  engineered process utilizing the TeraWaterSystem. This process alters the molecular structure of standard water, giving it the characteristics of intercellular water found in our bodies.

Unlike regular water, TeraWater exhibits long-range order, unique physical properties, and a high surface area also known as structured water. Leveraging the terahertz spectrum, we have developed a proprietary method to manipulate biological reactions in three key aspects: the availability of hydrogen,  the availability of oxygen, and the wettability of water hydration shells. This manipulation enables us to tailor TeraWater during production, unlocking a vast array of applications across various industries.

Unique Attributes of  TeraWater

Better Surface Wetting

Stabilizes Organic Dispersions

Exhibits Unique Electrical, Acoustic, And Electromagnetic Properties.

Possesses Anti-Oxidation/Reduction Capabilities

Enhances Bioavailability

The partnership between TERA and Cambridge University (Maxwell Center) led by Drs. Adrian Stevenson & Karishma Jains, represents a significant scientific collaboration aimed at exploring the unique properties of TeraWater and bridge the gap in understanding the electrical and mechanical behavior of water.

In December 2023, the Cambridge team has confirmed that TeraWater exhibits distinct physical characteristics akin to a doped semiconductor. This discovery opens doors for potential applications in energy, sustainability, agriculture, and medical sectors.

“…the most exciting parts of TeraWater is the applications it enables. Understanding the electromagnetic properties of TeraWater could bring a quantum leap to our electronics industry. Our expectation is that increased knowledge of TeraWater dynamics via THz signals could help replace traditional ‘solid state’ electronic devices, with coherent water-based materials, for unanticipated gains in switching, communication, energy harvesting and energy storage (batteries).“ ​

Prof. Stevenson & Prof. Jain

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