Terahertz Spectroscopy Product

Revolutionizing Private and Public Screening

The TeraBioStation, a rapid one-stop solution, revolutionizes public testing worldwide. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TERA.Bio, a fully owned subsidiary of TERA, focuses exclusively on commercializing its breath mass-screening solution. This solution aims to ‘clear’ healthy populations in their daily activities.

Terahertz waves, with their unique ability to scan and identify chemical and biological biomarkers in breath—including proteins associated with infectious viruses—play a pivotal role. Breath collection can be easily and ethically administered to large groups of people in high-traffic areas and populated places.

Studies have identified over 3,000 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in breath alongside respiratory aerosols. These VOCs, often referred to as biomarkers, offer valuable insights into an individual’s overall health. They serve as indicators of disease onset, variants, and progression. Until now, efficient breath screening for viruses faced technological challenges, such as achieving sufficient sensitivity levels.

The TERA.Bio Tests is a ~1-minute non-invasive clearance test that analyzes breath aerosols and VOCs of viruses, including COVID-19. Real-time results are displayed directly on the TeraBioStation, subject to the individual’s consent. These tests have been demonstrated in clinical trials in Israel, Latin America, Asia, USA (pending FDA approval), UAE and Europe (CE Mark approved).


Lab quality performance in real-time scenarios

Excellent clinical performance among pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic populations

Affordable price per test and most effective testing solution for mass screening

Non-invasive, comfortable testing experience with smartphone connectivity and On-site testing & results

High throughput testing

Patent-protected testing capabilities

Potential for multiple tests on a single instrument

Biological Information in Breath

Terahertz waves offer unmatched opportunities with their abilities to detect a diverse range of biomarkers and chemical materials, including proteins associated with infectious viruses such as COVID-19.


BioStation T101

BioStation T202

TERA Bio Stations have endless Relevant use cases including:

Airports, Airlines and Transportation
Placing Bio Stations at the Entrance / Exit
Hotels & Office Buildings
Mass Screening Tests for Visitors / Guests
Governments & National Security
Ensuring COVID-19 Safe Zones
Sports, Entertainment & Culture
Bringing Back Festivals / Sports Events
Surveillance Tests for Universities & Schools
Maritime, Cruise Lines & Port Authorities
Surveillance Tests for Passengers / Crew

What is a TERA Tube?

The TERATube is one of TERA’s proprietary products working in synergy with our TERA Bio Station’s.

The TeraTube is an individual and disposable breath testing tube integrated with a unique membrane that captures breath aerosols. The bio-chemical material transmitted with exhaled breath is captured through the personal and disposable TeraTube. They have a unique QR Code to meet privacy regulations. 

Play Video about TeraTube1

Preventing Cross Contamination

Unlike some of the other breathalyzer products on the market, TeraTubes can be separated from the TeraBioStation, enabling a safer testing process:

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