Terahertz Spectroscopy Product

TERA signed a milestone-based exclusive agreement with the world leading egg handling and processing company. The partnership aims to classify egg gender and fertility, in a non-invasive method using our TERA System ON DAY ONE OF EMBRYO DEVELOPMENT. 

Poultry Industry Challenges

Billions of male chicks are culled because they cannot lay eggs or serve as meat, resulting in significant waste—approximately 60% of the output is discarded. 

Additionally, each year, around 15 billion infertile eggs are discarded after a 21-day incubation period.

The 4E's of TeraEgg


TeraEgg leads to significant financial gains for all involved.


High processing capacity ensures streamlined operations.


 By saving eggs from the start, TeraEgg promotes ethical practices.


Eggs remain unchanged and suitable for consumption.

Our Solution: TeraEgg

TeraEgg System provides a unique non-invasive solution by classifying chicken eggs according to gender (male, female, and infertile) on the very first day of embryo development, even before incubation begins. 

Furthermore, scanning male eggs on the first day allows us to convert them into table eggs, effectively turning a cost into revenue.

We collect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from chicken eggs’ air cells without harming the eggshell. Using a vacuum pump with a special gripper, these VOCs are trapped inside a membrane. The TeraSystem, integrates with the TeraEggSystem, then analyzes these VOCs. 


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