We are committed to trailblazing the path for Terahertz (THz) commercialization with everyday consumer products.

Our tailored THz products provide real-time analysis, precise identification, and differentiation of various organic compounds within desired commercial classes of interest, serving the medical, food, and agriculture industries.

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Terahertz (THz) waves are human safe and highly desirable due to their exceptional sensing and diagnostic capabilities. Located on the electromagnetic spectrum (0.3-3THz) between Microwaves (RF) and Infrared (IR), they offer unparalleled opportunities and information.

Human-Safe (Non-Ionizing waves)

Special Interactions with Water Molecules & hydrogen bonds

Unique Detection of Bio-Chemical Compounds

Penetrates Differently than Infra-Red (IR)

Interacts Better than Radio Frequency (RF)

Extreme Signal Resolution

Ability to detect compounds at concentrations of ppt and ppq


We offer tailor-made THz spectroscopy solutions to solve pressing industrial challenges of strategic partners across a wide range of industries.  Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives our continuous research and development efforts on TeraWater based formulations with our academic research collaborator at Cambridge University (Maxwell Center) .

  • TeraTube
  • TeraBioStation T101
  • TeraBioStation T202
  • TeraSystem

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