We are committed to trailblazing the path for Terahertz (THz) commercialization with everyday consumer products.

We offer novel diagnostics with our tailored THz products and solutions for the medical, food, safety, and energy industries, including TeraWater-based formulations.

Fueled by world renowned scientists and decades of cutting-edge engineering, TERA, founded in 2003, is one of the world’s first providers of commercialized THz solutions. Our propriety THz molecular radar/scanner offers an optimal performance ratio at a cost-effective manner, enabling groundbreaking solutions and products that transform our daily lives and extend the boundaries of technology.

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Terahertz (THz) waves are human safe and highly desirable due to their exceptional sensing and diagnostic capabilities. Located on the electromagnetic spectrum (0.3-3THz) between Microwaves (RF) and Infrared (IR), they offer unparalleled opportunities and information, unattainable until today.

Human-Safe (Non-Ionizing)

Special Interactions with Water Molecules

Unique Detection of Bio-Chemical Compounds, Viruses & Gases

Penetrates Differently than Infra-Red (IR)

Interacts Better than Radio Frequency (RF)

Extreme Signal Accuracy & Resolution

Improves Bio-Availability in Food & Pharma Applications

High Speed Transistor


TERA makes public screening breath diagnostics more effective and affordable, helping society reopen and return to everyday activities. TERA’s BioStation offers unmatched testing with convenience and speed that is hassle-free and non-invasive.


TERA offers a Terahertz (THz) platform, enabling a multitude of innovative industrial solutions and novel diagnostics applications. Our solution portfolio addresses end markets such as Food, Pharma, Medical, Cosmetics and Energy with a fast time to market approach.


Detecting Chemical Signatures Of Substances

Breath Screening

Revolutionizing Private & Public Testing

TERA Water Formulations

New Delivery Mechanism For Pharma And Life Sciences Processes


We offer tailor-made innovative products that solve pressing industrial challenges and address unmet market needs. We provide end-to-end THz products with a current focus on COVID followed by THz applications and TeraWater based formulations.

  • TERA Tube
  • TERA Bio Station T101
  • TERA Bio Station T202
  • TERA System

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