The TeraGroup Company offers the 1st commercially-viable Terahertz solution for mankind. Our novel technology, opens up a multitude of industrial solutions and applications, while extending Moore’s Law beyond silicon by an additional 25 years. Every generation has had its defining technology that marked an era and forever transformed our lives: Television. WIFI. Infrared. X-Ray and other technological breakthroughs.

We are now on the cusp of the Terahertz era, the last unexplored frontier of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.


TeraGroup’s strategy introduces a comprehensive platform of partnerships and technological products (Chip-to-Application).
We provide our industrial partners with innovative solutions for the markets they lead.

Our Technology

Our Terahertz capabilities open a new spectral window of opportunities that will impact a wide array of industrial next-generation products.

Our Products

TeraSystem (including built-in TeraChip), TeraWater and TeraWaterSystem, enable our strategic commercial partners to develop Tera-based applications in their industries and markets.


Our strategic partnerships hold the potential to affect every person on the planet by the year 2030, across a wide range of industries including: food, agriculture, energy, industrial, medical, pharma, homeland security, space and communications.