Ruth Laverie
Board Member and Corporate Secretary

Mrs Laverie runs her independent fiduciary (trust) company, ICP Services Sàrl, based in Corcelles, Switzerland. She specializes in company administration, and is a director and board member of many companies. Mrs. Laverie holds a commercial degree in French, English and German 
Ruth Laverie gained experience with a number of international trading companies based in Geneva.

Nicholas Donofrio

Nicholas Donofrio served as the Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology at the IBM Corporation, a career of 44 years with IBM in increasingly responsible roles, including those of division president for advanced workshops, general manager of the large-scale computing division, and executive vice president of innovation and technology.  He is a member of several global l technical societies, the recipient of several awards and honor as well as 9 honorary degrees. He served a term as a Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation (2009-2012) and as a member of the US Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board (2008-2012).  Donofrio currently serves on the boards of several, small, medium and large public and private companies.  He is also an Executive in Residence at Columbia University, School of Professional Services.   Additionally, he is focused sharply on advancing education, employment and career opportunities for underrepresented minorities and women.

He is the founder and CEO of NMD Consulting, LLC.

Barak Ben Eliezer

Mr. Ben Eliezer is the co-Founder and managing partner of Winnovation, a Venture Capital fund that is focused on deep innovation and future shaping technologies. Previously he was the VP of XIV, successfully sold to IBM. Mr. Ben Eliezer served as the IDF TALPIOT Program, he was special Advisor to the Israeli Police Commissioner and the National Security Council, and was one of the founders of the “President’s Program for Nurturing the State of Israel’s Future Scientists and Inventors”, and the “Einstein Network” a global network for the future of mankind. He holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Physics and Computers, and is completing an MA in History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science.

Arik Steinberg 

Mr. Steinberg was the chairman of the Board of Psagot Ofek Investment House one of Israel\’s leading investment houses. In addition to his duties in Psagot Ofek he served on the board of directors of numerous public and private companies, and as a director on the investment committees of institutional investors such as provident funds and mutual funds. Mr. Steinberg has an extensive professional and managerial experience in the financial markets and investment banking. Mr. Steinberg served as President and CEO at Ilanot Batucha Investment House, later changed to Clal Finance, the largest and leading investment firm in Israel. Mr. Steinberg served as a member of the board of directors both at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and at Maalot Israel’s rating company (business partner of S&P). He has a BA from Tel-Aviv University.

Dori Dana Haeri

Mrs. Dana-Haeri is a seasoned expert in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Wealth Management. She sits on the Advisory Board of LJ Partnership an £11Bn multifamily office. She is also an advisor to a number of Boards including the investment committee of a large captive venture fund and a pre-IPO unicorn. She also sits on the board of trustees of a number of charities. Mrs. Dana-Haeri was the founder and GP of Eden Ventures an early stage technology venture capital fund, and the founder of DDH Consultants working with fortune 500 companies on growth and innovation. She holds an MBA from Bath University.